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Community Support Services (CSP)

Community Intervention Specialist
    (Case Management)
CSP community intervention specalists work closely with clients and their families in our 13 county area to enhance quality of life. They assist clients in accessing social and medical services, managing medications, building support systems and crisis intervention.
Rehab Day Services
Rehab Day Services. Our 11 rehab day programs are designed to strengthen our clients daily living skills, build self esteem and offer social interaction. Clients can access Rehab Day Programs in all 13 counties. Programs are open Monday through Friday with transportation provided.
Supportive Living
Group homes and apartments are available in some areas to help clients transition into a more independent living arrangement. Our housing clients have access to all Community Support services.
Psychiatric/Psychological Services
Clients in our Community Support Programs have access to our psychiatrists for medication management and our therapists for counseling when the need for such services is indicated.
Supervised Employment
At times area businesses contract with Mid-South for work projects appropriate for our clients. Participating clients experience social and financial benefits through this program.
Accessing Services
To receive services, contact the outpatient clinic in your area (See our Locations webpage). The receptionist will assist you in scheduling an appointment and answer questions you may have about our services.